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Working with us

SFPL strongly believes that great achievement is the outcome of great teamwork. Powerful leadership, efficient R&D team, hardworking production team, curious and enthusiastic staff enable us to produce world class quality products and leading worldwide market.

We promote an inclusive culture that supports the needs of employees with family responsibilities and thus we are always looking for occasions and opportunities to bring them together. Various events & festivals like Diwali Pooja and Founder’s day are planned through the year where employees can participate with their families and friends to know each other and develop good social networking.

Joining SFPL is working for global leader where your passion, teamwork, commitments, positive attitude, responsibility, thirst for knowledge and good interpersonal qualities are truly appreciated and rewarded fairly. Ample opportunities for working, learning and growing are provided to each valuable resource.

Apply / Vacancies

Committed, well-trained, competent and enthusiastic employees make the foundation of any successful business therefore we always welcome such individuals with exceptional qualities for working and growing together.