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Product Range

We grow our products in best quality soils with the help of our expert agriculturists, horticulturists and processors and select fruits that ripe to its maximum to ensure finest quality fruit products.

The cuttings (dices, slices, granules, powders, including special hand-cut sizes or shapes) can be supplied as per customer requirements. We also offer organic products grown using bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers.

If you do not find the product you require in above list it is only because we have to end it somewhere. Apart from above exhaustive list of fruits and vegetables we do Freeze Drying of any fruit, vegetables or herb even if it is procured by others.

Our core strength being Freeze Drying, we also support our customers to develop suitable products for their application. Be it a sample of any variety of Fruits or vegetable or a specific formulation / recipe made by someone else, it can always be freeze dried by us for best outcome to meet his requirement. Please feel free to send us your requirements for Freeze Dying on info@saraffoods.com for our immediate attention.

Our range of freeze dried products are